Singapore’s Dancing Cloud

By Rady Ananda

A Singapore resident, , shot the following video of dancing clouds on August 14, 2011:

NASA explains the phenomenon this way:

Upon inspection and contemplation, a leading hypothesis for its cause has now emerged. In sum, this hypothesis holds that a lightning discharge in a thundercloud can temporarily change the electric field above the cloud where charged ice crystals were reflecting sunlight. The new electric field quickly re-orients the geometric crystals to a new orientation that reflects sunlight differently. In other words, a lightning discharge can cause a sundog to jump. Soon, the old electric field may be restored, causing the ice crystals to return to their original orientation. To help this curious phenomenon become better studied, sky enthusiasts with similar jumping or dancing sundog videos are encouraged to share them.

But that ain’t no sundog — an optical illusion caused by ice crystals. (Even Aristotle saw sundogs.)  Also called a mock sun or parhelium, they’re supposed to be at the same distance above the horizon, in the same part of the sky as the sun.  The video above has nothing to do with the sun and optical illusions; that’s a cloud that’s being electrically charged to the point the cloud completely dissipates, reforms and reshapes itself.  That looks like a directed energy device being aimed at a specific spot.

The Cloud Appreciation Society agrees.  “It seemed to us very unlikely that these strange, shifting reflections of the light could have anything to do with sundogs.” So they contacted Les Cowley of Atmospheric Optics. CAS writes:

Les took issue with the NASA website explanation, claiming that it is very unlikely these effects are caused [by] the sort of ice crystals that produce sundogs. You just don’t tend to find the right type of ice crystal at the top of Cumulonimbus storm clouds. But if they aren’t moving sundogs, when what are they? “We do not really know what is happening,” Les admitted. “We need more hard evidence, more measurements and cloud-physics modelling before we can hope to come up with a clear explanation. At the moment, we are nowhere near that position.”

Related: Moscow skies sported a double helix chemtrail, clearly human-induced.


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